There is nothing difficult about a vacation at Datura Villa except for leaving!! Oh my goodness. We had the BEST vacation ever last week. Thank you for your help and assistance in preparing us and the villa for our trip. Our families had such a lovely time from the moment we arrived till the sad moment when we had to say goodbye. Chisholm was wonderful. Polite, professional, knowledgeable, easy-going, AND an experienced and safe driver! (we did the Mayfield falls trip and we were soooo grateful he was doing the driving!!!) Our kids loved him.

Shereen, Opie and Precious were absolutely sweet, kind, professional, thoughtful and such good cooks!!!!! They really treated our families like their own and we were so appreciative. Our children loved them too...lots of hugs and pictures on Saturday night. Henry was great and also easy-going...very kind-natured and helpful.

The villa was beautiful...the view was exceptional.

This really was an extraordinary trip and experience. You might see an upswing in your bookings with how many people I've told about Datura Villa since we've been home. :-)
All of us would love to return again I will stay in touch!
Thank you again and please pass along to everyone at Datura Villa how happy and pleased we were with our vacation there.

M.F. North Carolina, June, 2016


We spent the week after Christmas 2015 at Datura. It was our second visit to Datura and it won't be our last. The villa staff makes the stay more than just a vacation. You feel like you are among friends and that adds to your relaxation.

Shereen's cooking is amazing. For those of you who like to "eat local," they've been doing this in Jamaica forever. We had crab, red snapper, conch fritters and warm-water lobster, the lobsters being delivered fresh (and still alive) to the villa. Shereen's homemade soups are perfection and we loved all of the fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm not particularly a dessert person, but I devoured each and every delight from Shereen; her lemon cake is sublime.

Carole and Opie also spoiled us and kept us laughing the whole week. They didn't mind the boys following them into the kitchen asking for another beach towel/banana shakes or leaving dominoes and water glasses everywhere.

Henry showed us around the property and shared with us his vast Jamaican horticultural knowledge. He organized a bonfire on NYE for the boys and gladly chased off wasps. His laugh is very melodic!

What would we do without Chisholm? It was so good to spot his smiling face at Sangster and know that our vacation was underway. He gladly took us back to some favorite spots (Negril, the Yacht Club and Round Hill), and introduced us to a new place: Lethe. Lethe ("LEE-tee") is about 20 minutes "up the hill" in the heart of the Jamaican "jungle" and the site of a zip-lining course. I was skeptical, but it was fun and the boys LOVED it.

The property itself is equally as fantastic as the staff. Bring binoculars, as the one pair there isn't enough when there are six eager pairs of eyes scanning Mo Bay from the house's spacious terrace. The rooms are comfortable and Jamaican. You won't wake up in a generic hotel room; the mahogany plantation shutters, hardwood floors and plaster walls add to the atmosphere. If swimming and sunbathing isn't your thing, then rest assured that there is enough space (and shade) to spread out and read or listen to music. We read almost 10 books between the six of us! The hammock is particularly pleasant.

If you want to unplug and relax surrounded by nature, then come to Datura.
If you want to explore Jamaica with a trusted guide, then come to Datura.
If you want to break bread and drink rum with your friends, then come to
Datura. It's perfect for any of these goals. I highly recommend it.

JC, Mission Hills, KS, December, 2015

We had such a wonderful time! From the first morning when I woke up and realized I had no demands on my time other than visiting with friends and eating. The staff was great! Especially Henry. The food was always good. Sharene made pumpkin pie at Rick’s request and it took me back to my grandmother’s pumpkin pie. She also showed us how to make the ginger ice tea which will always take me back to Montego Bay. Everything was up to date and clean. The paint in the living room was lovely. We did our morning walks with Henry and then yoga and in the afternoons he lead us through aqua size. Randel, it was a perfect vacation and the staff made us feel so at home with nothing to want for. I feel bad that we didn’t go much of anywhere so we didn’t get to spend much time with Chisolm. We did love hearing his stories and the information he had about the town and the countryside and Datura Villa. This was one of the most relaxing and pleasant vacations I have ever spent. I hope we get the opportunity to visit again. The staff did you credit. We felt well taken care of. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience.


KC, Gardena, CA March, 2015

Randel, a couple of weeks later and we can't get our fond memories of Jamaica out of our heads. Specifically, Datura Villa and all of your staff. As wonderful as the house and grounds are, each and everyone of your staff there make this a Five Star experience.

- Shereen: She's kind of like the mother of the operation, and a fantastic chef
- Carol: She remembers everyone's name, and has a subtle/quiet wit and humor to her.
- Hope: She is quiet, but a hard worker, and has the brightest smile.
- Henry: No one works harder or puts in more hours than that man, or cares more about the property. We enjoyed playing cards with him, and appreciated his nightly concern about moisture rings (from the drinks we had) on the table - get those coasters out. He's quite the card shark. ;)
- And Chisholhm... the wonderful and very humble statesman and driver for our excursions.

We enjoyed getting to know your caring and generous staff, and each had a story or two to share. They are your very best asset, please don't lose any one of them.

We noticed and appreciated your continuing efforts to properly maintain and run the property as you have. The exercise/movie building is a fantastic addition. Henry told about how you and he (others) had built that about 6 or so years ago. Many of us did yoga with Henry in the mornings there. Beautiful view from there. We had the master suite, and wow, it's was so very nice.

I could go on and on, but just wanted to thank you and your family/brothers for this lifetime memory at your home.
There simply isn't a better way to visit and enjoy Jamaica than via Datura VIlla. We all want to come back!!!

Back row: Me, Shereen, Carol, Hope, Misa, Jen, Henry. Front Tania and Troy.

Added in Misa's husband at right, Dimitri. Henry taking the pic. Present but not shown: Chisholhm.

Sincerely yours,

G&J S, Beaverton Oregon, February, 2015

We had a wonderful week at Datura and enjoyed everything. The new tile in the bathrooms and the larger beds were a big hit but the biggest hit of all was the trip to the Beach! We went to Secrets and it was delightful. Reminded me somewhat of the beach we use to go to at Rose Hall many years ago but much higher end.

Shereen, Carol, Opie, and Henry were absolutely wonderful as always. They have a great sense of humor and all seem to work extremely well together.

Mr. Chisholm was always available for any questions or shopping trips and everyone adores him.

We had wonderful weather and a grand time.

We have decided that they would like to spend two weeks at the Villa next year if the dates are available. We would be talking the first two weeks in February which I believe would be the weeks of January 31 and February 7, 2016. Please let me know if they are available and, if so, sign us up!

Cannot thank you enough.

E.L., Boston, MA February, 2015

A friend invited me to spend a couple of days in Jamaica at Datura Villa last month, and I can't say enough about this beautiful property and the wonderful staff running the show! First of all, Datura Villa is located about 20 minutes from the airport in Montego Bay. Chisholm, the property manager, met me at the airport and pointed out some of the sights in Montego Bay as we drove to the villa, which is located on several acres of property with spectacular views of Montego Bay.

The accommodations are what I'd describe as "Old World Jamaica" with modern amenities, including new bathrooms, wifi throughout, a gym on the property, and a pool and hot tub situated on a hillside overlooking Montego Bay. The house is comfortably furnished, with lots of space and separate areas for hanging out with friends or just curling up with a book and spending an afternoon undisturbed. To be perfectly honest, I was looking for a bit of a retreat, and thus had no desire to sightsee or go anywhere. The chef, Shereen, served three delicious meals every day - breakfast on the terrace, lunch "under the almond tree" (no joke), and dinner in the dining room. Everything is very casual, but I felt very well taken care of at the same time. The food was terrific, with great local ingredients and specialties at every meal. Much of the fruit at breakfast was grown on the property! I had no special requests with regard to ingredients, etc., but I was asked about allergies and food preferences. The jerk chicken and pork was a standout, as were all desserts and pastries. I believe the eggs came from chickens on the property next door. I even took home some of the homemade jerk sauce as gifts.

Every afternoon, several of us worked out with Henry, the on-site trainer. Henry is built like a tank and put us through our paces for an hour or so daily. The fitness room is in a new addition to the property, and has weights, machine, yoga mats, etc. After that, a nap, dinner and drinks on the terrace. I'm sure many guests go out or leave the property, but I was content to spend several quiet and very restful days at Datura Villa. I would highly recommend to friends, and will be returning again next year with a larger group, and I hope to be able to plan for this as an annual getaway!

SW, London, UK, December, 2014

Although my wife and sister made all of the arrangements for our stay at Datura Villa over New Year’s week, I wanted to thank you personally for making your family’s home available to our combined families. The villa exceeded our wildest expectations in all that it offered, and your staff is terrific. Chisholm, Shereen, Carol, Hopie, and Henry made everything perfect. Although Jamaica offers lots of things to do, we found ourselves on more than one occasion opting to stay on site. Why search for more when you are already in paradise? Please accept my thanks for providing the perfect getaway.

J.H., Midland, TX, January, 2015

“Christmas in Jamaica - a true vacation”
Some vacations are more like "trips," with lots of duties, chores and bustling about. I'm happy to say that three generations of us spent Christmas week at Datura, where the staff made sure we were on a relaxing vacation.

From the moment we met Chisholm at the airport until 7 nights later when he dropped us back there, we were happy and relaxed. Chisholm, Shereen, Henry, Carol and Opie made sure of that. They asked us what we wanted and then made it happen. They were also very responsive when we had specific requests regarding meals, meal times, etc.

The house and grounds are tidy, comfortable and beautiful. Datura is also big enough that everyone was able to find a spot to relax or play. The kids loved being able to run all around the flora and fauna playing imaginary games. The adults were able to find sunny or shady spots for reading, napping and relaxing. (Over 5 books were read, so that's a measure of the relaxing going on.)

The staff also made sure our Christmas in Jamaica was special, making us a delicious lobster meal, as well as a great Jamaican punch drink, sorrel. We ate out Christmas Eve at Round Hill (posh resort 10 minutes away) and Shereen's cooking was better! For Boxing Day, Chisholm took us on a short road-trip (1 hour, 15 minutes) to Negril to a calm and lovely beach.

The listing was accurate. The floor plan was especially helpful. The owner/rental agent is very responsive and was available by phone or email during our stay. The house's WiFi worked very well. Although the four adults didn't watch TV, there was cable TV, which the two children with us loved.

Five of the six of our party had never been to Jamaica before, but all six of us will be returning! I would (and already have) recommend this property to friends and relatives.

J.C. Mission Hills, KS., December, 2014

The trip was great, thank you for asking. All of the staff were very pleasant and helpful. The food was great and the girls in the kitchen were very accommodating to all of our requests. A lot of the guests took advantage of Henry’s expertise and joined him in some early morning workouts. And of course having Chisholm as our driver was one of the best decisions of the trip-seemed like he knew everything there is to know and everyone we ran into knew him-was really amazing! We look forward to our return trip!

C.H., Maynard, MA, December, 2014

The Datura Villa Experience

Private villa with beautiful surroundings, all the facilities and amenities you would want for a Caribbean holiday - and without the crowds of an all- inclusive resort.

Just returned form a wonderful holiday at Datura Villa overlooking Montego Bay and still remarking to myself how enjoyable it was. This time, my husband and I, and some friends did something different than staying at one of those large resorts or the touristy, all - inclusive spots. We pooled our funds to stay at Datura Villa – a gorgeous private residence that came equipped with a full staff and all the facilities you would want. It was a delightful holiday and to my mind – a far better version for a family or group of friends then than the typical resort option. So to sum up – here are my top ten reasons why we loved our week at Datura.

1. The View. Situated in a picturesque spot overlooking Montego Bay , the property has a spectacular view of Montego Bay and the surrounding areas. Everywhere you looked was a wonderful vantage – and a joy to wake up to. At night, you were mesmerized by the stars above or the twinkling lights of the town below.

2. Beautiful Residence. Datura Villa is a lovely and very comfortable private residence – with a subtle luxurious feel and all your creature comforts. Very attractive and spacious rooms and bathrooms and well -appointed living room and dinning areas, as well as a large deck that runs the length of the house over looking the pool and hot tub area. There are also lots of other spots on the property to relax, sunbathe, have lunch or read a book in the shade.

3. Gorgeous pool and hot tub over looking the bay ... always a pleasure to swim in, take a dip to refresh from the sun and enjoy the view. And its worth noting, the pool is all yours – in contrast to being at a resort where you are sharing it will all the other guests!

4. Attentive and helpful Staff – from our driver Chisholm who is always available to take us on any outings, to the cook Charlene who can accommodate your food interests in the most tasty ways, to Henry who is always ready to do a training session or stretch class or a walk on the property to see the avocado tree and other sights. It made for a very relaxing and enjoyable vacation experience.

5. Perfect Base for Day Trips. We loved having both the quiet and privacy of the villa (and a whole pool to ourselves ) – and using it as a base for day trips to to check out various resorts, beaches and nearby attractions. We did snorkelling and beach lounging at Round Hill, spa activities and lunch at Half moon, Montego Bay’s main strip and a Doctors Cove another day. A dinner out to one of the fine restaurants a short drive away was also an enjoyable excursion.

6. Great Meals – tasty, healthy and with a Jamaican flair. And easy to arrange. They can do the shopping based on your requests and handle some special items as well. One day we decided to splurge on lobsters. Charlene was able to arrange for their delivery that day and grilled them to perfection for us. A sumptuous meal in the pretty dinning room - complete with great wines ( and one that was a whole lot less expensive than in a restaurant).

7. Lush Property. Datura Villa is a beautiful property with different types of flowers and interesting vegetation. Every day I would do the walk down to the private gate as a morning exercise routine taking in all the lush plant vegetation, bamboo trees and flowers.

8. Work Out Facilities. I loved this nicely outfitted Fitness Building located on the property – and a short distance from my room. ( It also doubles as a media room for a movie night ). And Henry is always there for a training session or a restorative stretch class.

9. Security on site. Since some people may be interested in this aspect, Henry – a very muscular and solid individual - also handles security for the property. Not that I felt it was needed because the property is private and gated, but nice to know its there.

10. And lastly – everything is very easy and taken care of for you.
So all told – Datura Villa had all the elements of a superb vacation – and we are planning our getaway for next year!

S.H., Toronto, Canada, November, 2014

We loved, loved, loved our stay at the villa!! Having a staff there made the trip so unbelievable amazing. I’ve never tasted such wonderful cooking! Henry and Chisholm were delightful, as well. They know a lot about the area and that made choosing activities a lot easier. I hope to one day return and enjoy it all over again!

H.D., North Carolina, March, 2014

We had a lovely trip to Jamaica, it was an experience I will not soon forget. The Villa was just as described, our room was perfect and very clean. Chisholm was on time to pick us up at the airport. The cooks Shereen and Carol were awesome, food was great. Shereen and Carol were such a delight to be around, we had many laughs with them and they really made us feel special, we miss them already. Henry was great too, he was always checking on us to see if we needed anything. My husband and I made it a daily habit of walking up and down that driveway, and Henry always jogged past us to make sure we were doing good. So all in all our experience was better than expected.

Thanks for all your correspondence and making sure our trip was a success

DA, Madera CA, February, 2014

We had a grand time. The villa is so perfect, the staff so welcoming and attentive. The meals were delicious. The week before we arrived I spoke with Chisholm and, during the conversation mentioned that we enjoyed eating out two or three times a week. His reply was, you won't need to do that. As it turned out, I had to admit to him and to the staff that he was right. We only took one lunch out, no breakfasts or dinners. The food and the service was just that good.

Views from the villa were just stunning, but we still were able to do all the things we wanted except our visit to Negril; No one wanted to leave the villa. Some evenings after dinner we would watch movies, and were glad to have Henry sit on the steps and watch movies and talk with us.
All the staff were friendly and responsive to our many questions without being intrusive. Chisholm was a great resource and a very good driver. We kept him busy every day.

Thursday evening my #2 grandson and his lady friend had a special dinner with flowers at the small table just below the pool, where he proposed and she accepted. Very romantic.
And Friday was her birthday so the staff had a birthday cake at dinner for her. Everyone, including staff, sang Happy Birthday to her. It was like being one big happy family.

As you must know by now, we really enjoyed our first visit to Jamaica, most of it due to the lovely villa and the warmth of the staff there. We had a great vacation. Thanks for your assistance.

J&J, Orange, CA, August, 2014

An amazing magical adventure. The villa, people, food, surroundings and of course the staff are terrific . Madge definitely knows her way around the kitchen and every meal served was way beyond amazing. Chisholm is courteous, knowledgeable, punctual and made sure we had a good time on the way to our many destinations. Shereen and Carol are both dolls, always smiling, friendly and ready to help with whatever we needed. Henry is just an amazing person all together, we all enjoyed learning the local games he taught us, the workouts he offered in which he kicked our butts and just his company in the evenings. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious and contagious, and his attention to the smallest details around the property are fantastic. I personally being the second time on this trip have adopted the staff as my " Jamaican family" and everyone else agreed. This trip was the most amazing magical adventure and I hope to be lucky enough to visit Datura Villa again very soon!!! Thank you and send my love to all my new family.

C.M. San Carlos, CA, July, 2013

We just returned to our home at the beach on the Pacific Ocean where the waves are often very wild. The other side of the house is on a large bay. We do have lovely views, but nothing can compare to the beautiful view that we saw every morning from your lovely veranda. Those blue waters are gorgeous and something every one of us on the trip thinks about every day. Everyone agreed that it was the best vacation they had ever been on. My sister who travels to Italy every few years said it was the best ever, because she never had to do anything. Everything was taken care of for her and she could just relax and enjoy. She went to Jamaica many, many years ago. We all loved all of the staff and enjoyed their company. My daughter worked out almost every day with Henry. Chisholm was fabulous. He even got a 4 piece band for us the night we were celebrating a birthday. We danced the night away! Carol and Shereen and her husband danced too and everyone had lots of fun after our fabulous lobster dinner. Everything was just perfect. We loved the house, the pool and the workout room was quite handsome. We really liked the people we met in Jamaica.

When we went to Rick's in Negril my son and son in law jumped off the high board. We loved the food so much at the Villa we never even went out to dinner. Everyone got along just great and there was never anything to complain about. You certainly have the most wonderful spot. Thanks for sharing it with us. This trip was absolutely beyond all my expectations, and we have traveled a lot. We called it a dream vacation. The weather was great, also.

Thanks again for sharing.

M.D., Oregon, USA, March, 2013

I was just looking at some of our pictures of the trip and wishing we were still at Datura Villa. We had a wonderful time at the Villa and the staff was top notch. They made us feel so at home and we will definitely plan another trip back in the near future. Thanks for an awesome trip with memories we will cherish forever.


MC, Oakdale, CA, February, 2013

I wanted to let you know that we would like to book the same week for next year if it is available. Everything was wonderful at the Villa. The place looks great and the weather could not have been better.

The addition of dinner on the patio was a big hit with everyone. The night we ate outside was absolutely perfect and we all are looking forward to doing it again next year. As usual, Madge outdid herself with the meals and Shereen treated us to some of her new cocktail treats which was fun. Henry held exercise class in the pool for some of us and Carol made sure we had whatever we needed. Chisholm is ever the gentleman and always responds to whatever request is made with the answer "No Problem."!

Again, thank you for everything. We are looking forward to another good trip next year.

EL, Needham, MA., January, 2013

We had a great week! The place was beautiful, well maintained and immaculately clean. The staff was courteous and very accommodating without being intrusive. The meals were fabulous and plentiful. Chisholm was courteous and informative and the transportation was both safe and convenient. Everyone in our group wanted to offer our highest compliments to you and the Datura Villa staff for a truly spectacular vacation. We hope that we will be able to visit Datura and Jamaica again.

F.R., Oakdale, CA August, 2012

We had a great week. My traveling companions can't stop talking about it. They can't wait to go again. I can't think of any issues that we had which held us back. The staff is fantastic. We invited some Jamaican friends up to visit and all of them could not get over the view and how much of a secret Datura is.

Thanks again and tell everyone thanks for making our vacation so special.

J.B., Stockbridge, Georgia

On a scale of 1 to 10, our experience at the villa was once again a 15! We are so fond of the team you have assembled and they truly pamper us! Every one of them is attentive to our every need and desire. We laugh together often and we sincerely enjoy their company. Madge...what a cook and so joyful. absolute delight and so helpful. Carole...very attentive and kind. Henry...a genuine kind soul and so multi-talented. Chisolm...we'd be lost without him. We outright adore that team, collectively and individually. Thank you for all you do to make our experience so magical. You and your team have a gift of true hospitality. With appreciation,

PR, CA, May, 2012

Truly from the bottom of my heart, this was a trip of a lifetime. I cannot say enough about your staff, the house, the food, and THE VIEW!! All nine of us are still raving about our trip and we can't even imagine trying to top it with a vacation elsewhere Again, everything was fabulous and the best week ever!! We will be back!

K.F., Virginia, April 2012

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL time. The staff members were all excellent and made us feel right at home, and oh…the food!! Simply perfect. Hope you had a good holiday season and look forward to booking a stay at the Villa again soon.

S.B., San Antonio, TX December, 2011

The villa itself is just beautiful- very spacious, very comfortable, every amenity that anyone could want. The grounds and the view were breathtaking. Henry does an amazing job with the property, and we enjoyed his tour. I also really enjoyed and appreciated having someone to keep me motivated with exercising while on vacation. My mother-in-law enjoyed taking photos of the AM sunrise and the PM lightening shows. The views of the Bay were truly a daily treat.

We also thoroughly enjoyed visiting Montego Bay. We had some amazing experiences. Probably our 2 most memorable were Mayfield Falls and the River Raft ride. We hired Chisholm for the week, and as all other guests have stated in their reviews- Chisholm is amazing. On both experiences referenced above (falls, rafting), if I had pulled up in a rental car, to be quite honest, I may have just kept on driving....I think one of the things I appreciated most was the fact that I always felt safe when he was there. He had excellent recommendations, told great stories, and it was wonderful to have his service available all week.

The staff- they are truly what makes Datura Villa the exceptional place that it is. We went to the Villa expecting great service. It is safe to say that they exceeded our expectations. They are very warm, welcoming, and truly wanting to accommodate your wishes and make your stay enjoyable. It took about a day for the kitchen to realize that vegetarian also means meat broths- I don't eat those either. Once they realized that- when I asked- they immediately switched the soup broths to non-meat. Your staff that truly stand out with respect to professionalism and customer service are Henry, Chisholm, and Shereen.

Madge's cooking is as you described- completely amazing. Everything was so fresh and wonderful. We appreciate Madge being willing to let us tag along on the food shopping on the first day. Your description of the market was correct- "colorful".....The "girls" did eat out on one day in town while my husband went fishing. We ate at a restaurant that was recommended. While the food was good, it paled in comparison to the food we were eating from the kitchen of the villa.

We had a fun and restful time on our vacation, and should our travels ever take us back to Montego Bay, Datura Villa would be our first choice for accommodations.

On behalf of my husband and myself, thank you for the opportunity to stay at the Villa for a week, and for providing such a great place to invite friends/family to come with us. This was my mother-in-law's first trip outside the US. We wanted it to be a great experience for her, and the staff/services at the villa did not disappoint.

Thank you,

OC, Galeston, TX October, 2011

I want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to stay at Datura Villa last week. We had what we all agree was one of our best family vacations ever. The villa and its grounds are spectacular, yet utterly comfortable and able to withstand some serious use.

The staff made us feel so welcome. Henry told us about all of the flora on the property, and took us on a walk up to the village. He went out with our boys and their friends twice, and I can't begin to tell you how good that made me feel that he was watching over them in his unobtrusive way. They all thoroughly enjoyed his company and felt a lot safer at the clubs while under his protective wing. You are right; the boys all thought he was about 25 years old and were shocked when he said he is 43.

Chisholm is, well, the king. All we had to do is tell other taxi drivers that we had Chisholm and there was no more discussion. Everyone seems to know and respect him. I have a feeling that his stoic and unflappable demeanor belie a fierce power! When he dropped us at the beach at Negril, the woman who greeted us actually blushed and looked a bit flustered upon Chisholm's arrival. Apparently he charms one and all. Whatever we asked, whenever we asked it, his answer was "no problem." He took me to the private hospital clinic at 1 in the morning, and waited outside for well over an hour while the doctor tended to my painfully infected foot. Then we all went on to pick up Henry and the boys at 2:30 in the morning. That kind of service is invaluable and we were so grateful that Chisholm was there for us.

Madge, Shereen and Carol cooked up some wonderful dishes, and I know that at times it must have been difficult to figure out what six young men want to eat. They maintained a good sense of humor the whole week, even with all the kitchen raiding that went on in the wee hours of the morning. It probably helps that Shereen has four boys herself!

Again, thank you for providing memories to us that will last a lifetime. We will never forget Datura Villa and the amazing people who work there.

A.H., Denver, CO, August, 2011

Everything was magnificent! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The food was unbelievable! Madge is an amazing cook. Henry helped us all keep the pounds off during our stay and introduced the men folk to yoga. Chisolm was great, he made us feel very safe while we adjusted to driving on the opposite side of the road. Thank you for following up. We all hope to return to Datura in the near future.

T.M., Boston, MA, March, 2011

Our trip was absolutely amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being in Jamaica. Staying at Datura was simply fabulous. Our vacation was so peaceful, relaxing and fun. Loved hanging out at the villa doing nothing and also loved going on excursions to the waterfalls, Negril, and ziplining. We loved working out with Henry in the mornings and hanging out in the hot tub at sunset with a pre - dinner cocktail. We thought at the beginning of the week that we would eat dinner out a couple of times but after a couple of Madge's dinners, we scrapped the plans to eat out and enjoyed every dinner at Datura. Already trying to figure out when we can come back - and whether or not we should bring the kids next time!

L.H., Suffield, CT, November, 2010


Our stay was excellent..... Could not find 1 thing to complain about.

Chisholm was always prompt, patient, courteous, made everyone feel safe while crazy drivers buzzed around us. Chisholm....thanks for teaching me the "Way of the Hawk"

Madge is the consummate hostess. Took us shopping in the markets, allowed us to hang out in the kitchen watching her put together her magical dishes, while always catering to our diverse requests. Madge....thanks for letting me win @ Ludi & hope you liked the piece of wedding cake we dropped off for you.

Henry made sure we were up every morning @ 7:30am for our morning exercise of cardio, yoga & PX90. The grounds & pool areas were always impeccable. Henry.....thanks again for keeping our weight gain to a minimum. PS: the bamboo poles worked exactly as planned

Shereen & Carol, happy, funny, generous women. Thank you both for sharing your porridge. Shereen.....keep on Googling. Carol....keep on smiling. Staff @ Datura Villa...... you all rate a A+.

We will forward you photos & video upon our return Stateside.

JP, San Ramon, CA, November, 2010


We had a wonderful time at Datura Villa. We went on the Zip Line in Hanover, jumped the cliffs in Negril (after a few drinks at Ricks), shopped, drank, ate, and had a great time. As usual Chisholm, Henry, Shree, and Kara were great. We didn't want for anything. Henry kept us entertained nightly with movies. The villa looks great and the girls thought the place was wonderful and met much more of their expectations than they had in their minds. Chisholm was wonderful, taking us to Negril, shopping, zip lining, Mayfield falls, Rose Hall Shopping, and was always attentive to our needs. I think he enjoyed us because at the end of the week he was calling us the Diamond Girls instead of the Ya Ya's which I told him was Greek for grandmother. The girls would like to pencil in a week for next year. We just have to wait to see what’s coming up.

Again thanks for your information and help.

B.J., Westboro, MA, March, 2010

We cannot say enough good things about our stay at Datura. Everything was perfect. The staff were phenomenal. The food was outstanding. The villa and grounds were immaculate. You've assembled the perfect team to keep the place running in top form and I wouldn't change a thing. We did spend several days without internet service but it was only a minor inconvenience.

It's rare that I feel compelled to return to a specific facility when traveling but our experience already has us buzzing about when we can return to Datura.

Thanks so much for everything and please pass on our best to the staff. We miss them already. Cheers,

S.A., Denver, CO, March, 2010

Our week was fabulous! We brought two new couples with us, in addition to the six of us that go nearly every year for the past ten years.. Now you have ten Datura converts, instead of just six. Chisholm, Madge and the rest of the staff were great, as usual. Madge, the cooking goddess, never disappointed. Mae came up one day for private massages in the fitness center. We also had the three-piece band up one evening. We were ten dancing fools! And we love the new air conditioning.

Thank you again for a great week. Please let the staff know we were all thrilled!

K.D., Walnut Creek, CA, February, 2010

Everything at the Villa looks great. You certainly have done a lot of work and the improvements are very nice. Some of the ladies used the air conditioning one night when it was warm and they were thrilled to have it. Henry did Yoga with my friend each morning and she was delighted. She is a beginner and commented how kind and patient he was with her. Kara gave one of the party a massage which was also greeted with great enthusiasm and another had her nails done. All of these things were fun little extras that made their stay even more enjoyable. Shereen worked hard at keeping everyone happy and did a lovely job making and serving "special treats" at cocktail time. Madge outdid herself with her cooking and sweet smile and those who had never met her commented that her cooking was better than what you could get at any restaurant. Chisholm, as usual, made everyone feel safe and secure when out on shopping trips and such.

Thank you once again for letting us enjoy this lovely place and the people who help make it what it is.

E.L., Boston, February, 2010

I’ve been home almost a week and I’m still smiling about my trip to Datura Villa. What a wonderful escape it provided for all of us who went. All of the staff are wonderful! Madge fattened us up (with Sherene and Kara’s expert help) and Henry tried working it off of us. What a great combo. Of course, Chisholm led us in the right direction for off property excitement.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful piece of paradise with us. It is a week that will go down in the memory books as one of the best!

V.K., Sacramento, CA, January, 2010

First, the villa was just beautiful. Everything was wonderful, the rooms were clean and comfortable, and the grounds are well kept. The staff was just phenomenal. Chisholm was very accessible and shared the island stories and history as we traveled around the island. He was very helpful and was kind enough to offer trip suggestions as we could not decide what to do first. Henry was also great. His tour of the villa grounds, tasting the fresh fruit, and smelling the fresh flowers was a lot of fun. He also helped keeping us in shape with his yoga instruction and P90X workouts. We needed these workouts after consuming all of Madge's cooking! What a wonderful cook she is, we could not get enough of her meals, especially the jerk chicken and pork! All of her meals were so flavorful. we ate like kings! Carol was also amazing. So sweet and her massages were just the perfect way to spend an afternoon at the villa as you overlook Montego Bay. Shereen is just wonderful as well. She is so friendly and personable, we enjoyed our conversations with her. We all had such a wonderful time and how great to sit in the hot tub and watch the planes and ships come in to Montego Bay. It was my husband's and my most relaxing vacation we have ever taken (and we are pretty well traveled). My father, who does not prefer to travel, came with us and he actually said he wants to come back. I think all of us almost fell out of the hot tub after that comment! We knew then, this was a trip of a lifetime.

C.P., Boston, MA January, 2010

We had a wonderful week. We all loved the new exercise facility, especially once Henry offered to lead daily yoga classes! We met every morning at 8 for at least an hour of excellent instruction that was the equal of any yoga class I’ve ever taken, and then began our day of rigorous relaxation with clear consciences. All the improvements, from WiFi to movie screenings, made our second stay at Datura Villa even more memorable than our first. Thank you so much,

A.B., Oakland, CA, January, 2010

We had a fabulous time! It was one of the most relaxing vacations that we have ever had. The staff was great and made our stay very comfortable.

D.B., Petaluma, Ca., December, 2009

I've been fortunate to travel quite a bit but this vacation was absolutely fantastic! It's made me re-think how I should travel. Staying at a home with great people always taking care of you doesn't compare to even the nicest hotels!!! I have to admit that I've returned to your website a few times since my return for a quick "mental vacation" of the fond memories.

The ENTIRE staff was absolutely lovely and is partly what made the vacation so special. They made it very easy to relax as well as made it very fun. I definitely plan to return!

V.S. Nashua, New Hampshire, November, 2009

We had an absolutely wonderful time at Datura! Five of us had been there several years ago and for the other five it was their first time. One of the guys said to me "I was not sure what to expect but Datura Villa exceeded my expectations by a mile!" Your improvements were noticed and appreciated...the exercise building and Henry and his yoga and work out instruction went over big with our group. Each and every morning and afternoon at least 3-5 of us worked out with Henry. The food was wonderful...Madge did a great job and we felt very well cared for by Shereen and Carol...both very warm and helpful. Chisholm got us safely to and from Negril in a rainstorm and had great stories to share. Datura Villa is truly a beautiful place and you have a wonderful staff. We look forward to returning soon.

JR, Nashua, NH, November, 2009

Oh where to start! We had the most delightful relaxing week of our lives. Shareen and Karol did a wonderful job making us feel so comfortable and Madge's cooking was the best! We all couldn't wait to get back to the Villa for more cooking! Henry was tons of fun. Many of us joined him for a morning walk and then yoga. He even taught the guys how to play his dice game. We felt so safe with Chisolm navigating for us and he took us to the greatest spots. I loved the fact that even though there were 10 of us, you could always find a quiet spot to relax. What a great place to spend my 40th birthday!

M.C. New Hampshire, USA November, 2009

Our week at your Villa had to be the best vacation we have had to date. We have visited Jamaica before but never stayed a whole week. We did not realize just how beautiful Jamaica is; we did not want to leave. Madge, Shareen, Carol, Henry and Chisholm made our trip sooo relaxing and fun. They were all so personable and the food was great! We loved the Villa and the grounds are beautiful. We are all hoping to visit your Villa again possibly in two years as we have a vacation already planned for 2010. Again thank you for creating such a wonderful vacation getaway.

W.E., Turlock, CA., August, 2009

I wanted to email to tell you that we had a fabulous time in Jamaica at Datura Villa the week of July 5th. It is quite a location and view that you have there. My 3 children loved the pool and would have been happy if we did not leave the confines of the house all week. We did the rafting trip, hike up Mayfield Falls, Doctor's Cave Beach (twice), golfed Tryall, horseback riding, and toured an ancient sugar plantation. Your staff at Datura are tremendous. Madge's cooking is second to none, Shareen and Carol's hospitality was overflowing, Chisolm's driving skills and sightseeing guidance were immeasurable and Henry did everything from retrieve a bug from the pool that was "freaking out" my 11-year old daughter to take us on an unbelievable tour of the grounds to play board games with my kids to orchestrate yoga and P90X fitness sessions with members of my group.

The experience my family received from staying at Datura and interacting with your staff versus staying an an all-inclusive resort is immeasurable. I hope to be a repeat renter at Datura Villa in the future.

Warm regards,

TK, Springfield, MA., July, 2009

Awesome! You definitely have a jewel in Datura Villa and the staff! It's such a beautiful place. The grounds are great to stroll through. I enjoyed the views of the house and grounds as much as I did looking out over Montego Bay. Your staff is great! I'd go back tomorrow. Thank you.

F.S., San Francisco, CA, June, 2009

We had a perfect week. The staff you have put together there is the best, our every need was taken care of with a smile, even when we changed our plans. Madge's cooking spoiled us, we never went hungry and having drinks and hors d'oeuvres served to us poolside was great. Henry took us on several walks, showed us movies at night in the workout room and entertained us with stories about Jamaica and the property. Chilsom was a great driver and showed us many interesting spots on the island.

The villa is beautiful and well kept up. If i had one complaint it would be the pillows, but i am picky about them, so that shows you how great everything was!

S.C., Livermore, CA, May, 2009

[ Thanks for your comment regarding the pillow; we will review the pillow situation and follow-up. Randel Cole ]

We had a great time! Madge, Shereen, Rose, Henry and Chisholm all took very good care of us. Our only complaint was that the vacation was too short.

Cheers and Thank-you

W.L., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, March 2009

We had SUCH an amazing time! Everything was perfect, we had a great trip. Best vacation ever, we all want to come back again next year.

I can't thank you enough.

K.W. New York, NY March, 2009

Your Villa is fabulous! Everyone had a great time. Madge, Shareen, Rose and Henry made our stay a delight.

They are wonderful people. We plan to return to Datura in the near future! Keep us on your mailing list! Thanks!

C.F. Kentwood, MI, February, 2009


I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time at the Villa. Everyone was so nice and personable. You have a wonderful place and we look forward to a return tripin the future.

M.Q., Hollywood, CA, February, 2009

Our group had a wonderful time. I can't remember the last time I have been that relaxed…the staff was tremendous…the food was excellent. Henry's tour of the gardens and his friendly demeanor with the children was greatly appreciated by all. All of Chisholm’s recommendations for places to see were right on the money. I don't think my father-in-law will ever forget the guided tour up the falls.

I think we all found the accommodations to our liking. It was particularly nice having various areas for relaxation so that we all weren't on top of each other the whole time. My daughter loved the pool. I think she only got out to eat and sleep. Very nice AV equipment. Again thank you for having us. We hope to get back some day.

B.B. Colfax, CA, January, 2009

Just a quick note to let you know your home was great and the staff awesome. You can bet we'll spread the word that Datura is a great destination and you'll see us back there in future.
Many thanks,

JDS, San Diego, CA, December, 2008


We had a wonderful trip!! The staff and accommodations were excellent for us. The place is set up well for all activities and we found the staff gracious, helpful and professional. Actually made some of Madge's ginger tea today!

C.K., Bush, Louisiana, November, 2008

We have now returned from our trip & are back home in Australia. I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time at Datura Villa - everything was beyond perfect and we were so sad we had to leave! We will definitely be telling all our friends and family that Datura is the place to go in Jamaica. We all hope to be able to return very soon.

Thank you for all your help with organization - it made our trip much more enjoyable.

T.J., Sidney, Australia, September, 2008

Everyone had a great time. We found Datura Villa to be a wonderful experience with enough room for a group with varied interests to be able to accommodate all. We were able to get to the beach a couple of times and some of the group were able to play golf. The staff did a great job taking care of us…we will certainly recommend Datura Villa to our friends.

LG, Overland Park, Kansas, August, 2008

On behalf of my entire family I want to thank you and your wonderful staff at Datura Villa for making our vacation in Jamaica such a wonderful experience for all of us. From the moment Chisholm picked us up at the airport, our adventure was enjoyable and safe. From rafting to shopping and waterfalls to beaches we had so much fun every day.

Madge is a national treasure! Her cooking is fantastic and I gained 7 pounds which was my own fault for not using the beautiful exercise equipment that Henry kept ready for us.... we were lazy goats. We loved watching the movies on the big screen and everyone who took the nature walk with Henry had a good time and learned so much about the Villa and nature.... the flora and fauna at the villa is beautiful and very interesting. I was wishing there was a DVD of the walk to purchase and take home with me.

Shereen spoiled us rotten the whole time we were there. She helped us with the computer hookup and the DVD player, brought us snacks, answered all our endless questions, put up with our kitchen invasions (her and Madge) and last minute itinerary changes and dining plan changes.

Carol kept our rooms spotless which is no small feat (some messy) with 9 people and the information you sent us was most helpful and very thorough and we were well prepared. Thank You All,

S.S., Sandwich, MA., May, 2008

We enjoyed our time at Datura very much! We visited the Ritz Carlson, had lunch and shopped, which was nice of course, but it was so nice to come home to the Villa. We especially enjoyed the view and being away from crowds. Eating "in" was a real treat, not only because the food and service was good but just being able to come as you are to the table was very relaxing. We enjoyed the pool and the wonderful hammock under the almond trees. We played lots of Shanghai (a card game) and did a lot of reading.

Some of us golfed, went deep sea fishing, snorkeled, hiked, went river rafting and shopped. The staff was very accommodating and a lot of fun. Some of us were able to enjoy massages by Carol. It was great having her right there on the premises to perform that service…we had a wonderful time!

KN, Hilmar, CA., May, 2008

We had a great time and a relaxed time for the family which we all needed. It is really nice to just relax and not be at a resort and feel like you are at home. We enjoyed our week and none of the kids had any complaints about the vacation and all would love to come back in the future. Thanks for having us there.

MM, Minn, MN April, 2008

We all had a wonderful time, the weather was perfect and as always the food was great. It was great to see everyone again, Henry had a great bonfire for us, better than any I have seen, it was a lot of fun. The gym was appreciated and used by all of us, it sure beats walking up that hill. We would like to reserve the same week again for next year.

E.N., Canton, MA , March, 2008

Thanks to you and the staff for another wonderful week in Jamaica. The relaxation was much appreciated. Also I enjoyed the facial at Round Hill very much. We all commented on needing another week at the villa as the time went by way too fast. Is the villa available next year during the same week?

S.M., Manchester, NH

Our second trip to Datura last week was fabulous. It was great to see Madge, Chisholm, Shereen and Henry again. What a great group! Shereen braided the girls' hair again and Chisholm took us to several more interesting and historic places. Madge's kitchen conversations were my favorite way to spend time at the Villa. And the children all voted Henry as their favorite at the villa. Thank you!

TF. & BF, Minnesota, February, 2008

Datura Villa is surely a 5 star vacation home. The house is everything and more than the web site showed. As for the staff; Chisholm, Madge, Shereen and Henry; they are truly jewels of Datura. They treated us with warmth and many smiles. Madge works in the kitchen like a 5 star chef. Shereen was there for us even when we didn't think we needed her. Henry couldn't have made our stay more enjoyable and is very knowledgeable of the grounds as well as many other topics. Chisholm, our driver and concierge, was ready to take us wherever we wanted to go. He did an excellent job of watching over us. Even my Italian father couldn't have hovered over us any better. His patience, humor and great knowledge of Jamaica was a great experience. And thanks for the awesome bon fire!!!!!!

DM & JM, Warwick, RI, January, 2008

The house and the new gym are very beautiful and accomodated our family perfectly; none of our party of eight ever felt we were crowded, yet the grounds and the house afforded inviting common areas so everyone could come together. What a lovely balance!

We will definitely put Datura Villa on our short list of vacation possibilities in the future and, again, thank you.

L.L., New Hampshire, January, 2008

What a fantastic place you have. This was one of the most relaxing vacations I have had in many years. The staff and the service and accommodations were great. Food was awesome and the staff are the best. I speak for everyone in the group in sayingthat sometime we would love to return and spend some more time at your place. Thanks so much for sharing your place." Best Always,

G.A.Carmichael, CA, November, 2007

We had a wonderful vacation!! It was so relaxing that we still haven't gotten back to our normal routine, maybe that's a good thing. The staff is superb. They are so welcoming and friendly that we wanted to take them all home with us. Madge's cooking is something I will always remember and try to create at home as well.

The villa is really great and what a view. We really hope that we can come back again sometime soon, everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was for us a grand vacation.

J.M. Minn., USA, June, 2007

As I am sure you can imagine, we had a blast. Datura Villa is amazing. We very much enjoyed ourselves and felt very welcome by Madge and her team, particularly Henry. The Villa is definitely well cared for - comfortable beds, linens, and what a view. Our thoughts of Jamaica are wonderful, particularly for you and Datura Villa. It was an outstanding experience, and one that we will all remember for the rest of our lives.


D.B. Castro Valley, CA, May, 2007

We are back and I am still dreaming of Datura. It was the most peaceful, beautiful place and best vacation ever! I am telling everyone about it and how we got the royal treatment. The staff truly was like family. Madge's cooking - unbelievable. We all want to come back. Thank you for such a wonderful place!!

K.H., Brentwood, TN, April, 2007

The Villa was fabulous. We would highly recommend your home to our friends.

D.F., Newark, CA, April 2007

As usual, it was great. Everything was perfect - the view, the wonderful meals, the four-course dinners every night, the staff, the massage therapist that comes to the villa - everything. On our last night we had lobster. My husband took one bite, threw his arms in the air, and said, "that woman is a goddess!" At that point we all went into the kitchen and gave Madge a standing ovation. She loved it - she is a dear woman.

K.D., CA, March, 2007

We had a WONDERFUL time. It is so difficult to explain the Datura Villa experience to anyone who has never had that type of vacation. It is truly a vacation. Even my "type A" brother-in-law who thought he couldn't sit still for a week - thoroughly enjoyed himself. Datura Villa is a brings peace to all who enter. Thank you for a wonderful experience - we all look forward to returning.

B.L., Harrisburg, PA, February, 2007

We had a wonderful week at Datura and are planning on going back again next year. The Villa looks great. Madge, Chisholm and Henry were terrific! They always go above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable and we do appreciate it. Thank you again for sharing your little piece of paradise with us.

E.L., Boston, MA , February, 2007

After reading the guest book, I know I’m not going to tell you anything new, but rest assured that we had an absolutely marvelous time. The 10 of us agreed that Datura Villa life has spoiled us for just about any other mode of vacationing; one of the aspects we loved most was coming “home” after a day’s outing to a beautiful location that was serene and private – not having to put up with any other annoying tourists was wonderful. The food was uniformly delicious and more than sufficient, and the entire staff couldn’t have been more helpful. Even my husband admitted that Chisholm’s skills as a driver and tour guide have convinced him to at least think about giving up his usual insistence on being the driver when we travel. I think I speak for all 5 couples when I say that we’ve tucked Datura Villa away in the backs of our minds as the perfect place to return to in a few years time when we all start being grandparents – though I know we’d love to come back on our own even sooner.

Thank you, again, for all your help in setting up what was a spectacular escape from the winter doldrums.

A.B., Oakland, CA January, 2007

My family and I visited Datura Villa during the Christmas Holiday and have just returned this very moment. I could not wait to let you know how very much we enjoyed our stay! The house is beautiful! The staff was awesome! The weather and scenery were breath-taking! If next year Christmas week is available, we're interested!!!!

Thank you for sharing your paradise with us!

Happy New Year!

K .W. and Family, Marietta, Georgia, December, 2006

I had a fantastic time in Jamaica staying at Datura The house was perfect. The weather was great! The food was very good and I really miss Madge's cooking even though I gained a bit of weight. :-)

But what really made my visit very special was the staff. They took very good care of all us. It is that personal touch that made the visit extra special for me. They were friendly and very interesting to talk to. I learned about Jamaica from a more personal viewpoint.

Datura Villa is a very special place and I will never forget my visit there. I hope someday to return. Don't tell anyone...but on the last day...I got up before dawn and dangled my feet in the hot tub watching the sun rise and cried. I didn't want to come home.

V.C., Sacramento, CA, November, 20006

If there had been a way to defect and stay at the villa, I would have! It is gem. We had perfect weather, and your staff is incredible and dedicated. I especially enjoyed Shereen and Madge, and Henry was nice to take me out on a hike almost every morning. We will be back!

KB, Sacramento, CA November, 2006

Our week was wonderful. The house and staff are terrific. We had a mixed group of kids, 9,10, 13, 15 & 19 (boys and girls). They all had a terrific time and the house was large enough (they each had plenty of space) they didn't make each other crazy.

Each of the staff were very kind, gentle, helpful and patient.

Thank you - it was one of the most relaxing vacations I've had.

DT, Sacramento, CA, October, 2006

Everything was wonderful at Datura.....I've already recommended it to one of my co-workers.  The staff (Madge, Shereen, Henry) was the best. I plan on coming back to Jamaica sometime early next year...and yes, if Datura is available, that's where I'll be.

Thanks again,

G.S. NY, NY, August, 2006

I wanted to thank you and let you know that our stay at Datura Villa in June 2006 was, as my mother describes it, "a little bit of heaven"! By far, it was the best vacation we have ever taken and we would return to Jamaica in a heartbeat, if given the opportunity. We were treated like royalty and will never forget the wonderful people we met at Datura Villa. Please give our best to Madge, Beth, Sherene, Chisholm and Henry. We miss them and think of them often. Thanks again for the great memory.

E.S. & Family, S.F., CA. June, 2006

Our week was extraordinary. We all had a great time and we are searching our calendars for the next time we can gather at Datura. Calvin and Neil gave me a great workout each morning playing tennis. Datura is truly a magical place.

D.M. CA , July, 2006

We can’t say enough about the Villa. It was the most wonderful family vacation we have ever had. The villa was perfect, the staff amazing, the view spectacular, the pool inviting (and no chlorine!), the meals were outstanding (I gained 3 lbs.!). The kids were great and did very well. They hardly even wanted to leave the Villa – in fact, we stayed there for three of our days enjoying the beautiful grounds, (my husband LOVED the hammock!) and the kids – and Grandma too! – stayed in the pool! We swam and swam until we heard – “Dinner is ready!” IT WAS WONDERFUL!

T.C. Modesto, CA 7/06

Our trip was amazing, thanks in large part to your staff. They were all wonderful and they made our stay at the villa so special. The villa itself was perfect and if and when we return to Jamaica, we wouldn't think of staying anywhere else. Beth and Chisholm were especially great in helping us decide what to do and where to go during our stay.

I think the thing I loved the most about staying at Datura was the feeling of having a complete experience, in that we were pampered and cared for like we'd expect at a fine resort, but we also got to experience and learn about the local culture. We all learned so much talking to Beth and Henry and Chisholm. It gave us an insight into the life of a Jamaican person that I don't think we would have had if we'd stayed somewhere else. Be assured that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Datura Villa to anyone!

CW, Modesto, CA, June, 2006

We had a great time in Jamaica. The entire staff was fantastic and made our visit very easy. Chisholm, Henry, and Madge really watched out for us and we really appreciated them all. The food was fantastic, as advertised, and we ate every dinner and breakfast at the Villa. We plan on being back some time with the two couples that couldn't make it this past week.

M. L., Oakdale, CA, April, 2006


Had a great time! The staff were exceptional! The whole experience was wonderful and memorable.
Thanks again,

BM, Richmond, CA, May, 2006

We had a great time. The staff was excellent. As I have told everyone last week, I’ve been to clubs, been to resorts but now I’m a villa man. Nothing compares. One of the kids explained the villa situation by saying that they would usually have to hang around in a hotel room but at the villa it’s different. Thanks!

D.B., Palo Alto, CA, 3/06

We had such a lovely time. The villa is comfortable, peaceful and relaxing. However, we have stayed in many places tropical and otherwise and it is the fabulous staff at Datura that really makes the stay a true pampering and restful experience. The ladies that cooked, cleaned and served us went above and beyond the call of duty.

Madge is an unbelievable chef, her dinners rival those I have experienced in the finest restaurants in San Francisco. Chisholm was ever the gentleman, such a first-class tour guide and a fine source of information about the island. We adored Beth! She is a charmer and such a joy. I was impressed with her polish and superb service. Henry’s loving hand with your grounds is a tribute to the property. I was fascinated with his knowledge and his presence at night helped us to feel very secure. We look forward to returning next year.

JL, MO, 4/06

What a fantastic holiday this was for our whole extended family! The staff were totally professional and made us feel as comfortable as possible. You are fortunate to have such good quality help. The food was just right, Henry's garden tour was very well received, I enjoyed our morning jogs, Shirene and Chisolm were so helpful to us when we needed to do some shopping in town. Really I can't say enough good things about our week. All our needs were met, from my 3 year old niece to my 76 year old father. We were all so pleased.

On behalf of the whole family ,

M.C., Bedford, NH 3/06

We had a wonderful time and it feels like going home. We had a few new people with us and they fell in love with Datura also. The staff are the best and it was great to see them all again. Hopefully we will not have a 4 year lapse until the next visit. Thanks again for letting us share a piece of paradise.

E.N., Rockland, MA, 4/06

Just wanted to write and thank you and everyone at Datura for a wonderful week. It's such a lovely place but it's the staff that makes it so special. They are really a wonderful group of people. We're all talking about coming again next year. Do you have the same week open?

K.D., Danville, CA, March 2006

As before we had a wonderful time, relaxing, great service and wonderful weather. We all wish we had 2 weeks. Please send our thanks to the staff who are all great. I mentioned to them that I would like to come and live at the Villa if there were room for me. Thank you again. The only thing I didn't get to do was go deep sea fishing-maybe next time. Thanks for letting us experience the Villa.

SM, Manchester, NH, 2/06

We want to thank you for the wonderfull stay at Datura Villa. It was a perfect vacation! What a wonderfull staff you have there. The food was delicious and the hospitality from all was superb! It was truely a paradise! We would love to return there.

Sincere thanks again,

S.M., Auburn, CA, February 2006

Just a brief note of thanks. We had a wonderful week at the Villa and everyone was thrilled to find such a comfortable and cozy spot. I am sure many of us will be returning next year. Madge, Chisholm, BethAnn, Sharine and Henry are the best. We all hated to say goodbye to them.

E.L.,Boston, MA, February 2006

We had a wonderful week @ Datura. Our group of 9 women was amazing even though I only knew 3 of them before going on vacation -----but now ----we're already planning a reunion! The Staff was top notch as always ----and I realize how much I miss them once I see them again! Madge's cooking was her usual gastronomic exercise ----and all of the women couldn't believe how delectable everything was! Beth Ann was her usual warm and sharp and witty self and didn't forget any of her usual attention to detail! Chisholm was ---as always ----not just our tour guide but our protector ---and all of the women felt extremely safe with him at the helm!

Thanks again for everything!

T.G., Natick, MA , February 2006

We had heard so many wonderful things about Datura and the staff and I am very happy to say we found it all to be true. The house and grounds were lovely (the weather was perfect although something you can't control) and the entire staff was professional yet warm and so accomodating--overall a great vacation. We will consider Datura as a future vacation spot for our family and will recommend it highly..

J.L., Oakland, CA. ,January 2006

Thank you so much for opening your Villa to our group. We had an incredible time exploring the grounds and the island. The staff was wonderful. We actually regretted the one night we decided to eat out on the town, because Ms. Madge's cooking was so great! Mr. Chisholm's patience with our 'tourist' questions, driving and sharing his stories was perfect. Beth and Shareen waited on all our needs to a tee. And Henry ran (and walked) with us every morning around the neighborhood. I hope we didn't disappoint him with our lack of fitness, but hey, it was vacation!

I would go back without hesitation. Thank you again, so much.

A.F., Freemont, CA, 1/10/06

The villa is outstanding and we were very comfortable. The staff was great and accommodating and of course the meals were wonderful.

G.B., Hayward, CA

Everything was wonderful! Staff excellent and very efficient. I can't say enough about your staff. I'm sure you've heard nothing but good about them from previous guests.  I will give your website to our friends and let them know how wonderful your villa is. Thank you and your staff for a wonderful, relaxing vacation.

E. S., Douglas MA

We are back and had a great time.  We still love the staff.  We felt like we came back to family.

As to the villa - we were happy to have the queen bed in the main bedroom and everyone was very pleased and content with all the facility.  Food was wonderful!!!  We really had a wonderful, restful time.  We loved it all and were upset to be leaving.  Back again in less than 5 years, I hope. 

LE, San Francisco

Our vacation was great and Jamaica was as beautiful as usual. This was our 4th trip!!

Datura villa is a large and luxurious house. Staff was always trying to go beyond our expectations. The property and pool were always impeccable. We enjoyed very much Chisholm not only because he allowed us to visit safely so many places, but also because he was knowledgeable, interesting and very honest. Everything went well and we enjoyed very much our vacation. My children keep dreaming about the day we will return!

JC, Quebec, Canada

I just want to take a few moments to let you know how we enjoyed our stay at Datura. Our party couldn't have enjoyed ourselves any more than we did. Your staff is wonderful. Each of them went out of their way to make our stay "a trip to remember." Thanks!

D.C. from California

There is not enough room in my computer to hold the amount of words I would like to say about our trip.  It was the most amazing vacation I have ever had and I didn't want to leave.  You have put together a staff that is beyond perfect.  We loved them all and can't wait to go back.  All the friends that didn't go are kicking themselves and say they will go with us next year.  We are starting to plan that now and hopefully will be able to get the week that works for everyone.

L.C. from New Hampshire

We had the most wonderful vacation of our lives at Datura Villa. You have the most wonderful staff working for you. Each has their own unique personality, and they did so much to show us Jamaican culture and their life. They took care of all of our needs. And the food!!! It was fun experiencing all of the local food specialties.  

I hope that we can come back to Datura Villa in the future.  I feel like I have a new family there.

from BZ in Michigan

Thanks is not an adequate word for the first rate vacation we all had at Datura.  We couldn't have had a better time.  Everyone was so pleasant and it was truly an honor to share our week with Madge, Beth, Sherrine, Henry and Chisholm.  They are the best. 

Again, thank you for sharing your paradise with all of us.  We truly had an unforgettable time and look forward to becoming a repeat client for you!!


Just wanted to say that my wife and I had a lovely time at your villa. The staff is wonderful and provided us with a unique experience. Henry took us for a walk around neighborhood and it was quite different from a stay at Sandals. We have already booked for a return visit. We are looking forward to having another relaxing time. Thanks again.


We had the most fabulous time at Datura. Everyone loved the villa and the grounds not to mention the wonderful staff. Beth, Henry, Madge, Shereen and Chisholm are absolutely the best. It was so nice to be taken care of and being a part of a family while we were on vacation. In fact we all loved our evening dinners so much that we only went out to dinner once. We really enjoyed the beach at Doctor's Cave.


You have a lovely home and a very precious staff. We espescially enjoyed our time talking and hearing stories about their lives too. We also came home with a few of Madge's recipes!

Thanks again for everything. I sure hope the staff enjoyed us as much as we ejoyed our visit and time with them. We are actually talking about doing it again next year.


Wow, where do I start!  The week went great. The only thing I would do differently next time (and there will be a next time I hope) is spend more time at Datura. We all agreed, if any of us came back to Jamaica, Datura is our first choice of accommodations. Datura is beautiful, night and day; the rooms were quaint, cozy, refreshing, and made me feel right at home (the touch of fresh flowers was a treat). The grounds are breathtaking, and along with the view, who would desire more!  The staff was very good to us. Chisholm is invaluable! He is so kind and patient, and a fabulous driver. He is also quite a historian. Madge kept our taste buds anxious about the next meal. Henry, is so passionate about the land, which he showed as he took us around for a tour of the grounds. Beth, did well in keeping things in order. She helped a great deal in our time schedule.


There were others who came for the wedding and stayed at several nearby villas, which is also where the ceremony took place. Although these villas were beautiful, our group thought Datura was best place to stay. I really enjoyed the trip. Datura was a big part of the enjoyment. I miss it already.


Where to start? Well, we just had the most wonderful time while staying at Datura villa! It was beyond our expectations! We felt so warm and comfortable staying at Datura. The staff made us feel as if we were coming home. Everything was perfect.
Datura sets the bar for any villa vacation anywhere. We were so proud to describe and share our experience with other travelers. AND, our story was met with envy by them.
We talk endlessly about our next visit, hoping it will be sooner than later. Thanks for running a fantastic operation. WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The villa is fun and the staff is terrific..... GREAT TIME! The villa was even more beautiful than the web site shows. Everything was perfect. Your staff met our every need. Friends and co-workers are still asking us about it, and when we tell them how wonderful it is, they go right to the web site to check it out. It is a pleasure to spread the word about Datura.


The best, most relaxing vacation I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to go back.We had a wonderful time in Jamaica!  I want to thank you for helping me to make all the necessary arrangements.  The staff at the Villa is the best.  They made us feel welcome and they attended to every need.  Madge is the best cook.  We enjoyed every meal and we are so happy that we took your advice and ate at the Villa.  BethAnn is a valuable asset!  She is professional yet there is a warm-hearted side to her.  I really enjoyed getting to know her.  Thank you for everything! 


 I am in the service business and my wife and I travel frequently to top hotels and resorts for vacation. As you know many top resorts don't practice what they preach. What a pleasure it was to truly experience first class service, genuine care, and absolute professionalism.


All of us had a great time and enoyed ourselves immensely. High marks for the staff. EVERYTHING was absolutely perfect. The staff (Madge, Beth, Henry & Chisholm) were the best. We really can't wait to next year!!!!


Do you give discounts for referrals? I have talked this place up to my clients, friends & family so you may be getting some people inquiring about it. I also wanted to put dibs in for next year too. We loved it! I almost cried when we had to leave. Madge, Beth, Henry, Chisolm and Sereen are all so great. After a week you feel like you are leaving family. They all have their unique extra touch that just adds to the charm and beauty of your family's home. Beth had us in stitches - she is so great with kids (little ones and grown-up ones). What would you do without Chisolm? He is so honorable, professional , dependable and such a good driver. He could be in the secret service. Shereen is very sweet and helpful. I really think that you are lucky to have such a great staff.


Beth, Madge, Chisholm, Henry saw to our every need and want. They read our minds and were so professional, yet kind & friendly. We felt right at home even though we were living the lifestyle of the "rich & famous". Madge is an exceptional cook. She supplied many of us with recipes. The pumpkin soup, the conch soup, the cho cho, the jerk chicken, 28 lbs of lobster, ackee & salt fish. Oh my goodness, it just went on & on. I had rum punch withdrawal yesterday after we got home. She made us a pitcher every afternoon around 3pm with snacks. Beth is a wonder, so organized & great at anticipating our every need. The villa is in wonderful hands. We felt so comfortable & safe. I was so bummed to come home and have to make our bed & cook today.


On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for a very relaxing trip. The food and service was exceptional, and I have contacted some of my family members to schedule a trip maybe next year. Thank you again for that breath of fresh air.Our stay was incredible. The staff were wonderful and the villa accomodations very comfortable and extremely relaxing. We were very pleased with our entire experience. All I can say is "unbelievable"!!!


What a spot. The views are absolutely stunning. The whole staff is 1st class. They really make you feel welcomed. They were amazing. It's funny because they do all these things for you but you hardly ever see them. I was always saying "How did they do that". I was very satisfied with the home, the staff, definitely the price. I will be revisiting next year for sure.


The staff was wonderful! Madge was so helpful in planning the meals and her cooking was superb. Beth, with her wry sense of humor, kept us organized and tidy. Henry, who is obviously so proud of his gardens, took me and two others on the hike through the village above the villa and loved discussing the different plants and his special horticultural techniques, such as the orchid grafts on the almond tree. We all had a delightful time. We slept well, ate well and were totally relaxed. Thank you for all you did to contribute to this vacation. We have very special memories. You are blessed to have such wonderful staff. The accommodations were fantastic. We have nothing but praise for our experience. Several people have asked for information on your villa. We have joyfully supplied them with information. Thank you very much for all your attention. Say hello to the crew down there for us


Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for my family. We had a fabulous time. The view overlooking Montego Bay was our favorite. We would have our coffee in the am watching the sun come up and have our cocktails on the patio each evening. Madge did a great job with the 2 gals to provide us with good food and some of the group enjoyed going to the market with her as well. It was worth every penny. We would definitely recommend it to others.


We just got back from a truly great week. The house is so well laid out and set up with help that we didn't have to lift a finger. In addition, with Chisholm being a guide of the upmost proberty we always felt safe as he guided us from one venue to another. You have a charming villa and set up.We had a great time, and I will be telling other friends in the event that they are looking for a similar vacation.


Myself and my friends had such a wonderful time for sure. I will return in the future. Datura villa was just too beautiful to leave for good. Right after I got back from Jamaica, I came back to my home country, Taiwan to visit my parents and cousins. I showed them all the pictures I have taken in Jamaica and they all wanted to go visit some time soon. I'll definitely give you a call and let you know when I'm planning my next trip.


Our stay at Datura Villa was nothing short of the best vacation each and everyone of us has taken. This includes some world travelers who put in 100,000-120,000 air miles per year. The staff there is wonderful & attentive beyond your dreams. Special high marks for Beth & Madge. The accommodations and physical plant were superb. The food was great to the tune of gaining one pound per day here. Chisholm was everything you said he would be. Henry keeps the grounds in fine shape. Everyone was so impressed with the staffed villa experience that we would like to inquire of you if you have any such connections here on the west coast in California.


I am just writing to compliment you and the staff at Datura. I have just spent Christmas and New Year there and could not have had a better time. Everything was just wonderful and especially Chisholm, Beth, Madge, Ivet and Henry! Wonderful, people who could not have been nicer and more helpful. They made our stay so relaxing it was just a pleasure to be there. The villa is great, very sorely tempted NOT to tell too many friends about it just in case we cant get back there! We could become quite territorial about it, but no, would recommend to anyone, a touch of luxury over the long winter months in England! What could be nicer. Such a great place to be with good friends and to be taken care of, beats the resorts anyday. Datura Villa was just the best holiday , The villa was all we had hoped for and more, 2 weeks was certainly not long enough!! We returned to Scotland to be greeted by ice and snow so you can imagine the "sad people" facing life back in the "Fridge" The staff were really fantastic so much so we had a very emotional departure, they really are lovely people who make Datura complete.


We had a fantastic time. What a treat to have all of ones responsibilities put on hold for 1 week. The staff was enjoyable, attentive and pleasant at all times. Beth was especially enjoyable to have around. We very much look forward to returning at a future date. All of our guests were very happy as well. We all had a great time as usual. Great to see everyone again; it is like coming home. Thanks for everything. Oh, yes, it was wonderful. I arrived there last Sunday still feeling homicidal from a terrible week and within minutes I'd been transformed into a happy camper. Beautiful rooms, beautiful veranda and view, beautiful bright water in the pool. And those warm winds work miracles. Everyone on the staff was very friendly. I've never rented a villa before, in any country, so I don't have much to compare Datura to, but I can say that whenever I thought of something (I wonder if there are beach towels? I wonder if we could have lunch a little later) the solution appeared effortless. Madge and Beth and Chisholm and Henry were all friendly and helpful. The food was excellent, especially the abundance of fresh fruit. And we all loved picking out snapper and lobsters when the fish man arrived. Some day I look forward to returning.